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This deviation was deleted

I saw that you like to have a critique on this work. First of all, I really like the idea and if I take a look at your wonderful work, I can feel the water wraping around me. And I really like the color combination because this combination fits very well together and it's rare to see.
But there are two points I like to say perhaps they are helpful.
First of all to the lightning. With photographers eyes there would be three light sources needed to make such lights and shadows. One behind the girl, one above the girl and a third one to make the shadows p.e. in front of her.
I would prefer a single light source behind her. And because of this single light source, the girls head and her left arm must be darken a little bit (like her feet) and I would make the transition between light and dark on the right ground behind her a little bit smoother.
And the second point is the transition of the color of the cloth. the boundary between white and pink-blue is two hard. If the color comes from the jellyfishes the boundary must be smoother. If the cloth is pink itself, I would make the cloth totally pink.
But after all this are only two smal points. I hope the critique was helpful.
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XilaPhoenixArt Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so very much for your interesting and helpful feedback!
I'm happy about the points you like about my creation. I also agree
with you on the points that should be improved. The light sources
I had in mind, were one from above and then that part of the dress
itself. That's the pink color in the dress: the magical glow. I overdone
it on purpose because I wanted to give it an extra fantasy touch.
So that explains everything I did... it wasn't my meaning to make it
as real as possible, but as enchanting as possible :D
But indeed, I will take your good advice with me to my future works!! :heart:
Lhianne Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
I'm glad when my critique was helpful. Fortunately doing a manip means to let the ideas and emotions flow and not to show the real world. As I said, I like your work very much, it's a wonderful idea and work :heart:
XilaPhoenixArt Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Big, big hugs for you! you are really good at giving feedback! :love:
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